Project Postmortem

World Square Cherry Blossom Festival - 2018

Developer: Virtual Immersive

Project Description

To celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival, VI turned World Square’s big screen into a live interactive realtime experience. Beautiful cherry blossoms filled the screen, which burst into tiny petals as participants caught or touched them.

The project was developed over just a few weeks and delivered on-time.

My Role

I was a contractor responsible for developing the code behind the Unity3D-based application that ran on the big screen, and for the web PHP-backend that would allow participants to upload postcard messages that would appear on the big screen. The application was developed in collaboration with artists and additional support personal.

The World Square big screen camera would capture passer-bys and, using basic motion tracking, would allow participants to interact with simulated falling cherry blossoms allowing the users to nudge the blossoms or explode them into a dazzling cloud of blossoms.